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Contractor Quality at

Handyman Prices...

Are   you   looking   for   a   quality   tradesmen   to   take care    of    all    of    your    needs?    If    so,    you    have come   to   the   right   place.   With   David’s   growing knowledge    and    experience    in    all    areas    of construction,     there     is     no     job     he     cannot handle.  

Interior & Exterior Repairs…

David     is     experienced     in     residential     and apartment   make-readies,   ie.   tiling,   patch   and paint,     plumbing     and     electrical,     finish     and general      carpentry,      home      decor,      home automation,    space    saving    organizers,    and honing   and   sharpening.   David   can   handle   any repair   you   need,   in   or   outside   your   home.   So give   him   a   call   and   get   your   to   do   list   taken care of today.
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Winter is upon us. Are you ready?

Has    your    winter    honey    dooo    list    been completed?    Have    the    leaves    in    the    rain gutter   been   cleared?   Has   your   wall   heater been    cleaned    and    lit?    Has    the    filters    in your    forced    air    heating    and    cooling    unit been   change?   Is   your   weatherstripping   in good   condition?   Why   not   have   Your   Pro Handyman take care of your list for you?

Making It Sharp is My Business!

Sharpening    is    a    skill.    Don’t    trust    your quality    cutlery    to    just    anyone.    David    is experienced   in   re-profiling   edges,   honing, and    sharpening    by    hand    with    high-end ceramic   and   diamond   sharpening   systems. From   cutlery   to   hair   trimmers,   allow   him   to polish your edges to a razor finish.
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