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David   started   his   career   in   construction,   at   the   early   age   of   16,   working in   the   family’s   general   contracting   business,   owned   by   his   grandfather, The    Trade    Masters    is    a    residential    and    commercial    contracting business.    David    apprenticed    with    master    tradesman    in    framing, electrical,   plumbing,   plastering,   painting   and   finish   carpentry   during   this time.        Aside    from    acquiring    journeyman    level    trade    skills,    David acquired   his   grandfather’s   old-fashioned   values   and   work   ethics,   which serve him so well, as his own. A rarity in today's workforce. At   age   18,   David   put   his   electrical   back   ground   to   work   for   Got   It   Wired, a   home   automation   company.   During   his   years   here,   David   added   Low Voltage   Electronics   to   his   list   of   experience.   Installing   home   audio   and video   systems,   as   well   as   home   security,   and   setting   up   DVR   systems, David quickly became their technician of choice. At   age   22,   David   put   all   his   skills   to   work   for   Fosnight   Properties. As   on- site   maintenance   for   a   76   unit   complex,   David   handled   all   repairs   and   make   readies   for   his   assigned   property.   David's   experience   in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, patching and texturing paid off in spades for this property maintenance company. At   age   25,   David   hired   on   at   Seascape   Windows.   He   installed   vinyl   windows   and   doors,   as   well   as   doing   residential   remodels.   David’s knowledge, experience, and professional attitude, is why he quickly became a leader with in this company. Throughout   the   years,   while   maintaining   full   time   employment,   David   also   assisted   at,   The   Computer   Wave,   a   professional   computer company   owned   and   operated   by   his   father.   The   Computer   Wave   worked   with   small   business   owners   as   a   consultant   to   develop   their networks,   security   systems,   and   backup   solutions.   The   Computer   Wave   is   a   pioneer   in   remote   access   and   remote   technical   support. David   accumulated   a   wealth   of   knowledge   of   Mac   and   PC   systems,   in   both   hardware   and   software.   David   advanced   his   knowledge   of DVR systems to include business applications. Once   again,   keeping   up   with   family   tradition,   David   started   his   own   company,   “Your   Pro   Handyman”.   David   is   doing   basic   kitchen   and bathroom   remodels,   ceramic   tile,   finish   carpentry,   basic   plumbing   and   electrical,   wooden   fence   and   gate   installation,   and   whatever repairs you may have. David also installs portable air conditioners, ceiling fans, floating hardwood laminate floors, the list goes on. Whatever   the   repair   or   change   you   need   done   to   your   property,   call   and   book   David   either   by   the   job   or   by   the   hour,   David   will   put   his skills to work for you!
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