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Kitchen Makeover

Laura   and   I   live   in   a   one   bedroom   apartment   at   the   beach   in   Belmont   Shores.   We   have   acquired   the   service of   David,   Your   Pro   Handyman,   to   help   utilize   the   limited   space   that   we   have   available   in   our   apartment.   I love   to   cook,   so   we   started   with   some   of   his   space-saving   ideas   in   our   kitchen.   David   replaced   our   old stainless   steel   trashcan   that   sat   across   the   kitchen   next   to   the   refrigerator   with   a   clever   tilt-out   trash   can   that fits   in   a   6   inch   opening   on   the   side   of   my   prep   station.   What   a   lifesaver!   It   uses   the   same   trash   bags   as   our pre-existing   trash   can   and   was   much   easier   to   use   since   it   was   located   next   to   the   prep   station,   sink   and stove. If this trash can was the only thing David did for us, that would have been enough. Our   kitchen   was   too   small   to   accommodate   all   our   cookware.   There   was   not   enough   counter   space   for   us   to use   our   slow   cooker   and   pressure   cooker.   So   David   incorporated   an   old   Baker’s   rack   and   a   simple   cabinet with   vegetable   bins   turning   it   into   a   unique   cooking   and   storage   unit   that   only   took   up   a   small   corner   of   our kitchen.   Now   we   have   a   place   to   use   our   slow   cooker,   pressure   cooker   and   convection   oven.   It   also   gives   us a   place   to   store   fresh   fruits   and   vegetables   that   we   use   on   a   daily   basis.   This   took   all   the   frustration   right   out of the kitchen. Thank you David!!! The   last   recommendation   that   David   made   was   to   install   some   metal   roll-out   drawers   in   our   pantry   so   that we   could   access   the   things   that   were   stored   even   in   the   very   back   of   the   cabinet. The   cabinets   that   we   have are   quite   deep   and   we   were   never   able   to   access   the   things   at   the   back   of   the   cabinet.   The   drawers   David installed   role   all   the   way   out   and   are   sturdy   enough   to   support   our   canned   goods.   Now   it’s   a   joy   to   use   these cabinets every day. Thank you David, Paul & Laura Belmont Shores
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Security Camera and Repairs

"We are incredibly grateful that we found David from Your Pro Handyman.  In the past year, he has done a wide variety of projects for us. Most   recently,   he   installed   a   wireless   camera   system.      He   has   also   installed   a   handrail   for   a   disabled   family member,   weatherstripping   in   our   garage,   installed   an   air   conditioner,   fixed   leaking   windows,   and   replaced   the ignition   for   the   pilot   on   the   water   heater   in   an   emergency.      He   is   also   currently   consulting   us   on   landscape project.  His quality of work is always exceptional and completed in a timely manner. David   is   skilled,   personable,   trustworthy,   dependable,   punctual   and   competitively   priced.      We   highly   recommend David, and will definitely be using him for all our home repairs and projects in the future." -- Brandon Francis and Tessa Young of Long Beach, CA
Wi-Fi Camera: Transmits Directly to Phone, Tablet and Computer.